Conference Scope


The INC will foster international communication and cooperation on nanotechnology among partners from industry, academia and government to advance innovation in computer, communications, electronics, chemistry, opto/display electronics, biology and related industries. Global science and technology trends as well as overviews of major regional funding programs will be presented from Europe, Japan and the United States that will address not only scientific but also societal challenges. The INC will thus support sustainable technological and economic growth.


The electronics industry has been the major enabler of the computer, communication and consumer industries throughout the 20th century, and has propelled the growth of economy. However, most of the building blocks of these industries are reaching their fundamental limits. So, it is of essential importance to overcome those limits in the next 10 years.

INC Objectives

  • Make overview presentations of regional Nanotechnology programs supported by the organizers including:
    • Government
    • Industry
    • Academia
  • Include a theme on Nano-electronics in each conference
  • Foster communications and cooperation among Nano-electronics initiatives and other fields, e.g., chemistry, opto/display electronics, biology etc.
  • Include presentations and posters on relevant nanotechnology subjects from other regions (i.e., non-organizers) as submitted by request and subject to availability, to stimulate additional communications and cooperation.